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Meet Alex and Jordan.

Parents. (Dog parents.) University of Utah supah fans. Beach bum. Dark chocolate lover. Chatty. Pretends to like kale. Mediterranean Diet. Pretends to love non-kale salads. 

We come from humble beginnings.

Baby Fitz Clothing is a children’s brand. The company was established November 2016 by Alex and Jordan. We started our company selling custom embroidered items for newborns and babies. A year later, we were able to transition to an exclusive online retail baby store.

Helping parents raise a healthy and happy baby is our company’s specialty. Baby Fitz Clothing provides families with premium apparel and accessories and toys at affordable prices.

Our collections of baby apparel and accessories are updated weekly. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about exclusive offers, promotional events, and giveaways and contests.

How do you support small shops and local businesses?

We started out as a small, local business ourselves, so we understand their value and potential. We enjoy working with those who craft handmade items, but unfortunately we can’t personally supply enough in quantity or variety to meet the demand. Instead, we give small shops and local businesses the opportunity to sell their products directly to our customers.

If you are an owner of a small shop or local business and have a product or collection that you would like featured on Baby Fitz Clothing, please contact us directly at or @babyfitzlothing on social media. We absolutely love supporting mama entrepreneurs. (Mama knows best!)

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! Please contact us directly at or @babyfitzclothing on social media for more details.

Are you scouting for brand reps or ambassadors?

Yes! We are always searching for adorable babies and cute toddlers and enthusiastic parents to help spread the word about our company. Please contact us directly at or @babyfitzclothing on social media.